Sure Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed for the Rocks

Being paranoid about your husband isn’t always a good thing. However, there may be signs of marital problems that are too obvious to deny. If they’re addressed in time, you might be able to save your marriage before it reaches the point of no return.
The following signs could mean your marriage is in trouble:

  • No Sign of Tension – No sign of tension is a good thing if your marriage has always been that way. However, if you’ve stopped communicating, it could mean you’ve both moved into a phase where not talking is a mutual relief. It could also mean that one or both of you have given up on trying to be understood.
  • Failure to Show Respect – A lack of respect is apparent when there’s no longer a desire or attempt to address and solve issues. If your husband has stopped showing you respect, it could mean he no longer sees you as an equal.
  • Cheating – A spouse cheats when dealing with feelings of anger, low self-esteem, boredom or discord. When this happens you can both seek marriage counseling, or worse, file for divorce. Once a spouse has drifted down that forbidden road, there has to be a strong professional remedy in place to save the marriage.
  • Lack of Intimacy – When there’s no longer an interest in sex, and the reasons aren’t physical, it could be a sign your marriage is headed for the rocks. Couples, quite often, will avoid talking about this issue due to a feeling of shame or the fear of rejection. A good relationship coach may be able to help you discover the causes.
  • No Quality Time for Each Other – Are either of you spending too much time on the job? Have the children consumed your lives? It’s easy for you and your husband to lose the connection—and just as difficult to get it back even when the kids have grown up and moved out on their own.

No one said life was going to be easy. There are challenges around every bend. Your husband and you will either recognize and solve potential problems or drift apart and wait for the marriage to smash and splinter against the rocks of adversity.

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