Initial Interviews Set The Stage For Your Divorce (By Matt Burns)

Divorce is scary, but for many women the prospect of beginning a divorce is the scariest part because of how it will affect their daily lives.  No longer will their husband be around, there will be days when the kids are gone and with their dad, and some women will need to go back to work for the first time in a long time.  Our goal is to help women through this time and the first step in that process is our initial interview with our prospective clients.  There is one thing that you can do to help yourself during the initial interview that will make things easier.  Be prepared to be open and honest when an attorney is asking questions about your marriage.

Many potential clients want an opinion on how their case looks from an initial interview and most attorneys will be happy to give an educated opinion based on the initial facts given by their client.  However, nothing derails that opinion faster than a piece of information that is withheld, or is completely wrong.  An example we see quite often is potential clients that are unaware of their families’ financial situation.  This is hard for many women because their husbands control the money and bills and their main focus is protecting their children.  Do not be afraid to tell an attorney that you do not know about income or marital bills because your husband controls them.  Attorneys are trained to be objective advocates for their clients.  A good attorney will not judge your morals, actions or inactions and if they do you have the right not to choose him or her as your attorney.  It is always easier to prepare a good case, and advocate for you when the clients are completely candid and we can know of any potholes that might come up in our smoothly planned road.

The main theme of the initial interview is information.  We need the information to represent you and represent you well.  By being open and honest we can prepare for short-term issues like temporary child and spousal support, while also keeping an eye on the long-term goal of getting you through this process in a position to move on with your life.  With this in mind, an initial interview should be helpful, informational and leave you with a sense of relief about your future.

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