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Client TestimonialsEveryone has a different story. But you are not alone. Below are examples of how DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women) has helped women whose lives were turned upside down.

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Theresa (from Grand Rapids)

I thought I had a normal marriage. My husband and I both worked full-time, and had a good relationship. Then my first child was born, and my husband lost his job. He became a different person… lazy and emotionally abusive. I would come home from my day job, and then start my second full-time job of cleaning, cooking, and taking care of everyone. He started physical punishment of our girls, which I did not support. I was losing weight, depressed, and always tired. I reached the breaking point when my family started talking about committing me to an in-patient counseling center. After seven years, I decided I had had enough. DAWN helped me through the divorce, and now my girls and I live a much healthier life.

Jan (from Grand Rapids)

My husband and I are both accomplished medical professionals. For years, I suffered his abuse in silence, because I knew no one would believe me. After all….”he’s such a great guy.” I finally sought a divorce through a well-known attorney in town. I endured two years of court fights without accomplishing anything. My life was ruined. Then I saw an advertisement for DAWN and decided to talk to them. They have accomplished more in two months than the other firm did in two years. Just their work in discovering hidden assets will pay for their services ten times over. I finally have someone on my side, and I can see the end of the tunnel.

Kathy (from Grand Rapids)

We had reached 39 years of marriage… well, almost. Three days short of our anniversary, my husband walked out. I thought we were married for life. Talk about shocked… I never saw it coming. I was confused, hurt and just plain scared. How would I survive?

Although I had a professional career, I had always deferred major decisions to my husband. DAWN helped me obtain my fair share of our joint assets, so that I remained financially secure. Through their services, I was also able to find a counselor who helped me regain my self-confidence. I now know I can make my own way, and I look forward to creating a new life for myself.

Jennifer (from Rockford)

My husband controlled every waking moment. What I wore, where I went, who I saw… for over 10 years he clamped his iron fist around my life. He thought that my every opinion had to be exactly the same as his, and he would constantly try to control what I said and thought. Our two children were continuously exposed to his yelling and anger. I had to get out. But how would I survive? I had stayed home with the kids for seven years – how would I get a job? And how would I help my children heal?

Karen (from Grand Rapids)

DAWN protected me and my kids when I finally escaped. It was so hard to leave… but I knew my husband would never change. I’ve watched my children become happier and more outgoing. I found a job, and I’m beginning to enjoy life again. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Your life can be different. DAWN can help. Contact our family law lawyers today, and be on your way to a fresh start.