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Post Judgement ModificationsDivorce is difficult. DAWN can help. At DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women), we focus on the unique needs of women throughout a divorce. Our attorneys provide the services and information you need to make the best decisions, both for now and in the future, for your children and yourself. Contact a divorce decree modification lawyer for aggressive pursuit of your legal rights.

When you make official your divorce and sign on the dotted line, you are in effect accepting the circumstances there laid out. However, the following instances may call for changes or post-judgment modification regarding custody because of new information.

  • You were pressured to sign
  • You didn’t understand what you were signing
  • Circumstances changed dramatically

Post-judgment modification encompasses a broad range of issues, but mainly is addressed when the financial balance in place at the time of the divorce settlement has drastically changed, including with regard to the following, and it’s necessary to discuss extenuating circumstances.

  • Change in income due to job loss
  • Spouse has a new job with higher income
  • Your alimony has expired

Post-judgment modification generally allows clients to discuss such issues as the age at which child support will end, and requests for more child support, given appropriate circumstances, when the current amount received is insufficient. It can, however, focus on more radical changes, such as those below, concerning issues of health.

  • One spouse becomes incapacitated in some way
  • One spouse has an injury and is no longer able to share physical custody
  • Your child becomes injured and now has special needs

The legal team at DAWN can help you file for divorce, work out custody issues, obtain protection from violence, and work through all of the other issues that arise. We have worked with women in West Michigan for more than 60 years combined. Our established credibility in the court system means that you will be heard. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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