Child Custody and Visitation

Grand Rapids Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody and VisitationYou are expected to be the glue that holds the family together … even as the marriage falls apart. At DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women), we regularly and passionately assist divorcing women with custody agreements and custody disputes. We take time to learn the circumstances of your situation and your family dynamics to advise the best course of action, considering first and foremost the best interest of the child.

We are a team of attorneys who for over 60 years combined have been devoted to helping women in West Michigan who are going through a divorce to create happier, healthier lives for themselves and their children. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.

Our lawyers answer all questions related to the sharing of your children with your divorcing spouse, including the following.

We also define the difference between forms of custody, such as legal custody and physical custody. Both forms of custody can be joint or sole - each operates independently. We discuss the implications of both and what they mean.

  • Physical custody (where the child lives)
  • Legal custody (who makes important decisions regarding the child's upbringing:
  • religious education
  • schooling
  • discipline
  • rules as child gets older
  • having a car
  • Visitation during divorce process
  • Custody and visitation after divorce
  • Reaching agreement with your spouse versus involving the court
  • Safety of child during visitation (risk of flight / parent fleeing with child)
  • Where visitation will take place

You're strong for your children, but what about you?

The DAWN network supports the unique needs of women involved in a divorce. Our team includes counselors and a variety of other professionals to help you deal with the complex emotions, difficult financial decisions, and unfamiliar challenges that lie ahead. Contact a Grand Rapids child custody attorney at DAWN. We can help you and your children enjoy life again.