Divorce Attorneys for Women

Serving all of West Michigan

Divorce is difficult. As a woman, you fear what will happen to your children, and what will happen to you financially in the aftermath of divorce. You hope to resolve your situation while protecting your legal rights as a woman, mother, human being, and partner in marriage. At DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women), headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we can help you do just that. We have defended the legal rights of women for over 30 years, empowering them to realize that life can be different. For compassionate, experienced legal representation, contact a divorce attorney for women at DAWN to take the first step toward a new and happier life.

Our firm is devoted to helping women in difficult circumstances and emotional turmoil as they reluctantly face divorce and the often-associated matters of division of assetschild custody and visitation, support, and domestic violence and abuse. We also help clients with post-judgment modifications involving support, custody, and other divorce-related issues.

Let us share with you what you can reasonably expect from an attorney, as well as inspiring client victories, helpful reading materials, and supportive community resources.

We are caring people and aggressive attorneys, ready to help you:

  • File for divorce
  • Work out custody and visitation issues
  • Obtain protection from violence
  • Work out asset division/debt division
  • Seek and defend against post judgment modifications

Our network of service providers assists with the numerous issues that face many divorcing women, such as mental health counseling, obtaining insurance, or refinancing your house.

We are DAWN, divorce attorneys for women.

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